How can I make my FWB fall in love with me?

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    It’s going to be 2yrs we are in an FWB. he is my neighbour ,at first I hated him.later I don’t know how it changed into love .ever since then it’s a lot happened between us.somtimes he is like he cares a lot about me ,he wants me texted me everyday.i have confessed to him that I love him and want a relationship.but he said he feels the same about me but isn’t looking for a relationship.he gets jeleouse if I talk to other guys or hangout with them.and lately he has been trying to make me jeleouse and is kinda being mean…maybe he is hurt .I don’t know .he always kisses my forehead.says he misses me …makes futur plans with me to take me out.but I want him to committ to me .I want him to fall in love with me.


    In my personal opinion, with what you wrote it fundamentally comes down to the fact that you need to receive more before you give. Because if what you wrote is accurate where he gets jealous then from his perspective he is most likely trying to keep you for himself without wanting to “put in the work” in regards to maintaining a real relationship.

    Think of it like a scenario where you agreed to work for a company where they say they can’t afford to hire you as an employee as that would mean having to abide by so many additional labour rules. So instead you work for them under the table. Two years go by and they are getting everything they want from you still. But it’s kind of a dead end for you as there is no career advancement or actually getting paid what you are worth due to the scenario. Whenever you think of looking for a new job they immediately say non supportive remarks.

    Like there, I think the only practical solution is to be crystal clear of what you want/need. Because if they keep getting what they need from you as is then they have no real need to change. So even in your scenario it fundamentally comes down to making them realize if they truly want and value you then there are just certain things you need to keep things going and growing.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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